Fuel consumption for 149 LNG trucks monitored in Connect2LNG study

An important part of the Connect2LNG project is to provide real life information on the business case for LNG for national and international heavy duty transport. As part of activity 3 Study including pilot deployment we provide input for the LNG business case for freight owners based on data we collect from LNG trucks in operation. Data was collected using IVECO telematics system on board the LNG trucks. We selected LNG trucks which were in operation in the countries involved in the Connect2LNG project.

The trips have been selected on the conditions:

  • Vehicles must be LNG fuelled
  • Vehicles must have done international trips
  • Vehicles must have travelled in Germany/France/Benelux
  • Trips which cover a distance of at least 10km and for which at least 2 GPS points were available per trip.

In total we included 94.213 trips performed by 149 vehicles giving us enough information to draw representative conclusions on the data.

We analysed the detailed data separately for different types of trips: Urban/extra urban/highway and National/ International. In the Connect2LNG study report which will be published later this year, we will use the data collected to draw conclusions on fuel consumption, usage (type of trips), speed range and corridor usage. The report will be available on this website.